AACE Outstanding Service Award for the Promotion of Endocrine Health of an Underserved Population

2019 Winner

Jatinder Kumar Mokta, MD, FACP, FRCP

Jatinder Kumar Mokta, MD, FACP, FRCP

Dr. Mokta was born and raised in a rural village of the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and studied in a rural school to pursue his goal of becoming a devoted medical professional to serve the ailing. He successfully completed his graduation and post-graduation in medical science and specialized in internal medicine. Presently he is Professor of Internal Medicine in the premier Medical College of the State, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla. His keen interest in serving underprivileged, poor, and downtrodden residents in remote areas of the state where medical services, including endocrine-related treatments, are sorely needed. Over the last ten years, Dr. Mokta has provided gratis services for treatment of diabetes, vitamin D, osteoporosis and thyroid state-wide, which has earned him a high distinction in social service.  He continues to participate in research work and has published over thirty manuscripts. He received second place in a competition in 2016 and 2017 for his original work published in Journal of Association of Physicians of India (JAPI).

He has successfully used insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes in the absence of a storage facility, at an altitude above 14,000 feet in tribal districts during the winter season. Using a simple and innovative traditional method, Dr. Mokta was the first to prevent insulin from freezing as temperatures dipped to minus 20-30 ⁰ C due to heavy snowfall.

Dr. Mokta has also had success using an insulin pump in a patient with type 1 diabetes patient in a remote Himalayan village at an altitude of 9,000 feet without a medical facility.  The patient delivered a healthy baby six months later. In this geographically challenging state, patients with type 1 diabetes  are often unable to receive insulin treatment. Dr. Mokta worked with the government of Himachal Pradesh and now the government is providing free insulin to children with type 1 diabetes.  

Dr. Mokta maintains strong patient-doctor relationships and is popular with patients. He loves teaching and maintains the best of the teacher-student relationships. His passion for teaching has made him popular among undergraduate and postgraduate students. He organizes health awareness talks in educational institutions and tries to motivate children to put down their electronic devices, play games and lead an active life. His volunteers his time organizing camps for diabetes patients. His dedication has made him an icon of social service and motivator for budding professionals.