Guidelines for Nomination of AACE Officers and Board of Directors

The AACE Nominating Committee encourages you to consider forwarding the name of an AACE member who you feel may be a good candidate for the Board of Directors (Attributes of a Board Member).

Please confirm that he/she is willing to make the commitment to serve (Duties and Responsibilities for Officers and Board Members) and send a letter nominating your candidate to

The nominating letter should include comments about why you feel the candidate demonstrates the ability, experience, commitment, and collegiality to represent the needs and concerns of our members and their patients and to continue the successes that AACE has achieved.

The candidate will be contacted for their CV, a short statement about why he/she wants to be a member of the Board of Directors, what contributions they feel they will bring to the Board, and their vision for AACE.

  • Officer and Board nomination letters must be from an AACE member not currently serving on the Executive Committee.
  • An AACE member can only submit one letter of nomination per position (e.g., one nomination letter per Officer position and one letter for a Board position).
  • All nominations will be confirmed by email with the nominator along with a reminder that they are only allowed one nomination as outlined on bullet two. The nominee will not be notified until an affirmative response has been received that this is their only nomination for this position.

In the event you are personally interested in serving, please have an AACE colleague propose you to the Nominating Committee. Please submit your recommended nominee no later than November 15, 2019.

Please note that the International members may vote and serve on AACE committees but may not hold office or be a Director.