AACE Seeks Volunteers for the ASAP Editorial Board
January 2, 2020

Deadline: January 28, 2020 

AACE needs your help identifying the most qualified candidates to serve on the editorial board for an update to ASAP, our premiere case-based learning tool for endocrinologists and endocrine trainees. We are seeking candidates with strong educational credentials and proven writing skills to assist with the development of this important project.  

Why should you volunteer to be an AACE ASAP content creator?

  • Earn recognition in serving as a content creator for a national medical specialty society with exposure on AACE website, podcasts and more
  • Gain experience in developing and publishing peer reviewed, authored-content
  • Receive professional training in medical question writing to be used for CME and MOC-approved activities
  • Network closely with other endocrine experts in the AACE community through the content creation process
  • Earn CME credit for your service on the committee
  • Review the latest research and clinical care updates on a topic in endocrinology

We are currently seeking: 

  • An Editor-in-Chief 
  • One Section Editors for each of the following topic areas: 
    • Pituitary/Gonad/Adrenal/Neuroendocrine 
    • Diabetes 
    • Lipids & CV Health 
    • Nutrition & Obesity 
    • Bone and Parathyroid 
    • Thyroid 
  • Item Writers for the following topic areas:  
    • Pituitary/Gonad/Adrenal/Neuroendocrine  
    • Diabetes 
    • Lipids & CV Health 
    • Nutrition & Obesity 
    • Bone and Parathyroid 
    • Thyroid 

The Editor-in-Chief is expected to: 

  • Develop content goals in line with ABIM blueprint 
  • Guide question requirements/standards – i.e. rationales, references, etc. 
  • Ensure final question bank topics align with ABIM blueprint 
  • Be the final decision maker on submitted questions 
  • Support timelines 
  • Review content for clinical accuracy 
  • Establish overall concept of quality/standards/goals 
  • Participate in and facilitate item writing training 
  • Annual review of content to ensure clinical timeliness/relevancy  
  • Provide editorial guidance based significant experience overseeing high-stakes item writing 

The Editor-in-Chief will receive a 3,500.00 stipend. 

Section Editors are expected to: 

  • Have demonstrated experience in item writing, preferable Section Editor experience in a journal or high stakes exam environment 
  • Invite qualified topic specific question writers 
  • Participate in and facilitate item writing training, including development of an item writing guide defining topic-based guidelines for terminology, abbreviations etc. 
  • Facilitate question writing: Establish goals and standards per topic – Narrative case structure appropriate to topic area, types of images to be included, rationale development, reference requirements. 
  • Review all submitted questions for accuracy/completeness/format requirements  
  • (content review) 
  • Provide feedback to Question Writers on submitted questions (request revisions as necessary) 
  • Approve/reject questions-select submitted questions according to ABIM blueprint requirements 
  • Participate in an ongoing annual of content to ensure timeliness/relevancy  

The Section Editor Role is a volunteer appointment. 

Item Writers are expected to: 

  • Provide demonstrated experience in item writing  
  • Participate in item writing training 
  • Contribute 3-4 case-based questions, adhering to provided item-writing guidelines (format, answer options (choices), references, rationales, HIPPA compliance, images, etc.) 
  • Revise submitted questions per direction from Section Editor 
  • Adhere to timelines and AACE item writing requirements/platforms 

The Item Writing Role is a volunteer appointment. 

Nominees must submit a cover letter indicating which role(s) are of interest, topic area of expertise, an overview of item writing experience and/or educational product development experience and a summary of how your expertise will complement the ASAP Editorial Board. Please include a current CV, and a writing sample. The writing sample should ideally be a case-based question with four possible answers, rationale and references.  

Self-nominations are welcome. 

Nomination materials should be emailed to: [email protected] by January 28, 2020.