Learn the Criteria to Volunteer on a Committee

All AACE members in good standing are invited to select up to 3 committees for which they would like to be considered, and requests will only be accepted during the annual application and review period. Members may volunteer to serve on up to 3 disease state networks at any time.

What are the criteria for committee member appointments?

AACE members are appointed to committees based on background and interest in a particular field or area of practice and the skills needed to contribute to the committee’s charge(s).

Candidate submissions are reviewed by AACE’s President-Elect with input from the committee chair and AACE’s Executive Committee and Board; the number of selections made are based on the number of vacancies available for each committee.

Because membership on some committees is limited but in high demand, committee appointments can occasionally be competitive. Thus, you are encouraged to select up to 3 Committees for which you would like to be considered during the application process to allow for placement with a group that will satisfy you personally and professionally.

To provide opportunities to interested members and increase member engagement, participation is limited to two committees per member per association year. Subcommittees and task forces do not count toward the two-committee maximum.

What type of commitment is required?

Committee appointments are one (1) year in length and run from the conclusion of one Annual Business Meeting to the conclusion of the next. Appointments will be reviewed annually. Task Force members will continue to serve until the group’s charge is met.

Current Committees and Disease State Networks

The 2019-2020 committee appointments process is closed at this time. Members will be notified by email when the 2020-2021 application period reopens. However, members may volunteer to serve on a Disease State Network at any time by completing the electronic request form below.

Review the descriptions and charges of AACE Committees and Disease State Networks.

Committee and DSN Application