Together We Can Make a Difference! 

Building Influence with the Nation’s Decision-Makers

The AACE Political Action Committee (PAC) supports Congressional candidates whose health care policies, ideals and goals are aligned with AACE and our members.

AACEPAC builds our political influence and national reputation. It also supports the passage or defeat of legislative and regulatory issues that impact you.

What are the criteria for AACEPAC contributions to candidates?

  • Current and previous support for AACE health policy priorities and positions.

  • Ability to advance or impact AACE legislative priorities through leadership position or committee assignment

  • Need for the candidate’s support in the future (for example, Senate candidates who are “in cycle” and up for re-election versus those who are not running for re-election in the current election cycle).

Can we count on you?

Get involved! Learn about the most critical issues facing endocrinologists and patients.


AACEPAC Honor Roll

AACEPAC supporters help advance the AACEPAC legislative agenda. Your contributions are invaluable.
View the AACEPAC Honor Roll.

Please Note: Contributions to AACEPAC are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. An Annual Statement of your contribution and copies of the AACEPAC Bylaws will be furnished upon request.

If you have additional questions about AACEPAC, please e-mail